Bookstore and herbal dispensary

The Kootenay Columbia College bookstore and herbal dispensary services the community by supplying students with educational tools needed to complete their programs successfully, by offering practitioners the resources needed to keep their medical libraries current, and by providing patients with books and products that complement their treatment plans. The store stocks patents, formulas and raw Chinese herbs, and other healthcare and gift items.

To make orders in advance or
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bookstore and herbal dispensary

Opening hours

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Where to find us?

  • KCCIHS Student Clinic, Nelson Trading Company Building.
    402 Baker St. (Behind Full Circle Cafe)

  • To order or fill a prescription call us at:

  • Have questions? Email us at:

About the bookstore and
herbal dispensary

The college’s bookstore and herbal dispensary stand as vibrant hubs of knowledge and wellness within the educational institution.


In the adjoining herbal dispensary, the aroma of healing botanicals fills the air as shelves are stocked with an array of herbs, tinctures, and remedies. This sanctuary of herbal wisdom offers natural solutions to ailments and imbalances, drawing on the principles of traditional medicine. The trained herbalists within the dispensary provide personalized guidance, crafting blends that address individual health needs. Here, ancient traditions and modern science harmonize, as visitors explore holistic approaches to well-being.


Together, the college’s bookstore and herbal dispensary create a harmonious synergy between intellectual growth and holistic health. They embody the institution’s commitment to nurturing both the mind and the body, offering a space where knowledge and wellness intertwine. Whether students seek books to expand their horizons or herbs to nurture their vitality, these spaces become integral parts of the campus community, fostering a holistic and balanced educational experience.

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