"The students at the clinic are very attentive and well advised by their instructors in the application of their training. The relief I have received so far from both massage and acupuncture is well worth the discounted rates they charge. Book your first visit if you are tight on funds and looking to get some much needed physical relief! Plus you are helping assist in the training of great future healers coming out of the heart of our province. "
- Oliver Start

Available Patient Services - KCCIHS Clinics

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TCM Student Clinic

At our Chinese medicine Student Clinic, patients are treated by students in their final year of study in the Doctor of TCM, TCM Practitioner, Acupuncturist or TCM Herbalist programs.

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RMT Student Clinic

In our RMT Student Clinic, patients are treated by students in the RMT program, supervised by experienced BC registered massage therapists. Our first year students offer relaxation massage…

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TCM Outpatient Clinic

At the Chinese medicine Outpatient Clinic, patients are treated by licensed Doctors and Practitioners of TCM. Treatments include acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, cupping and moxa, as required.

book store

Bookstore and Herbal Dispensary

The KCCIHS store services the community by supplying students with educational tools needed to complete their programs successfully, by offering practitioners the resources needed to keep their medical…