Traditional Chinese
Medicine Outpatient Clinic

Licensed Practitioners in Nelson, BC

The Outpatient Clinic is home to Daniel Hengsbach, RAc, TCMP.


Patients are treated by licensed Doctors and Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine in our Outpatient Clinic. Patients at the KCCIHS Outpatient Clinic can expect to have students observing their treatment, although patients can choose if they prefer not to have students present.

Woman feeling neck and back pain. Spine disease, osteochondrosis, cervical spine treatment, neck injury concept.

Daniel Hengsbach


Daniel has been practicing as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist since 2007. He has always been intrigued by the philosophy and the practice of traditional Chinese Medicine. His style of acupuncture is constantly evolving as he learns from other practitioners, teachers, and his own experiences with clients about what can benefit health and well-being. The roots of Chinese medicine involve uncovering and treating the underlying disease and the individual signs and symptoms that are expressed by our individual internal environment which is the key to long-lasting results. Daniel feels that in this era of mental stress, pollution, dietary possibilities, and intense technological change, Acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine have a solid role to play in helping people adapt and cope with the different stresses placed upon their bodies.

Paul Gaucher


Paul earned a diploma in the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program, graduating in 2006. This 5-year full-time program involved intensive studying of acupuncture, herbalism, diet, nutrition, and emotional health. He went on to be an instructor for 2 ½ years in Nelson, B.C., and Paul is now in his 15th year of practice. At a young age, Paul had a fascination with nature and biology. This innate curiosity about life inspired him to study alternative medicine. Paul has a passion for bringing people to their full health potential, and he is genuinely motivated to help individuals with a wide range of health challenges. researching and sharing her knowledge of TCM remotely.

Where to Find Us and
What To Expect

Tuesday 12:00PM – 5:00PM

Thursdays 12:45PM – 3:30PM

A TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Outpatient clinic with a student observation component is a unique and enriching platform that brings together education, practical experience, and patient care. In this setting, students pursuing studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine have the invaluable opportunity to witness and learn from experienced practitioners as they diagnose, treat, and provide holistic healthcare to patients.

  • KCCIHS Student Clinic, Nelson Trading Company Building.
    402 Baker St. (Behind Full Circle Cafe)

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Please arrive at least 5-minutes early to your appointment.
We require at least 24-hours notice for cancelations.