Graduate Alumni Testimonials

This is what our graduates have to say about their experience in Nelson and at the school:


“Nelson offers plentiful outdoor recreational opportunities, and I met some of my closest friends to this day in its close-knit community. Be prepared to work hard and really integrate your life with the ideals of the program, but also seek a life outside of the school and truly experience all that Nelson has to offer. It is a unique and special place.”


“I loved being able to study in very beautiful surroundings. Nelson has many organic food choices and quaint coffee shops. Also, Cotton Wood Falls is a lovely attraction. I enjoyed going to farmers market on the weekends. The surrounding area is amazing and we enjoyed discovering the beauty. I can’t say enough about how amazing Nelson is. I was so happy to have an alternative to city living to study Chinese medicine.”


“I would highly recommend Nelson and this school as a choice to study Chinese Medicine. Besides immersing your mind in the study of Chinese medicine, allow your intuition to guide you in the ancient spirituality of the medicine.”


“Small town, mountain setting, lake setting, close to ski hill and biking trails, very holistic environment”


“It is a wonderful community to study in. Lots of events, lots of support, beautiful mountains and lakes, outdoor adventures and recreation right at your finger tips.”


“Get all that you can out of your education. You will come out of this experience a different person; someone who is capable of listening deeply and helping others in profound ways.”


“Beautiful natural surroundings in a small town was perfect for focusing on studying this medicine.”


“Chinese Medicine is an excellent model of medicine. It prioritizes a deep relationship with the patient that is unique, and treatment is focused at digging to the heart of the issue. Studying TCM always promotes personal growth, and although challenging at times, the information received through the program about our ancient medicine feels like such a privilege to know. Put in the hard work, and you won’t regret the outcome!”


“I was able to study on the beach. Mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing were very accessible which kept life in balance. The community of Nelson is amazing – so many great people live here!”