RMT Admission Policies

Full Body Massage RMT

KCCIHS Registered Massage Therapy Program admits applicants who demonstrate commitment, preparation and a strong desire to enter the field of massage therapy. As well, candidates are evaluated for emotional maturity and evidence of commitment to self-development, these being necessary requirements to safely and professionally practice massage therapy.

The applicants are provided with accurate information and are guided to ensure they make informed decisions about their program of study. KCCIHS Registered Massage Therapy Program admission criteria are well publicized and applied consistently. Admission procedures ensure students have the required language competencies (see Language Proficiency Assessment Policy), and the basic knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve program outcomes.

Students are provided with the following policies or documents before entering into any contract:

  1. Tuition and Refund Policy
  2. Dispute Resolution/Grade Appeal Policy
  3. Withdrawal Policy
  4. Dismissal Policy
  5. Admissions Policy
  6. Attendance Policy
  7. Program Outline
  8. Work Experience Policy
  9. Prior Learning Assessment Policy
  10. Language Proficiency Assessment Policy
  11. Credit Transfer Policy


Admission Prerequisites:

1. Grade 12 graduation or equivalency (BC High School Diploma, BC Adult Graduation Diploma, General Education Development – GEC, or equivalency secondary school completion from another jurisdiction). 

2. A sincere interest in Massage Therapy.

3. A proficiency in oral and written English to the Grade 12 level. English is the main language of instruction at KCCIHS.

4. Financial resources to complete the program.

5. Criminal record check.

6. Completion of an introductory 2 day Massage Workshop at KCCIHS or equivalent.
(You may request the option of providing a certificate of completion from another CMTBC accredited school of massage therapy or a CMTBC licensed registered massage therapist offering a similar introductory workshop.) 


Admission Requirements:

Refer to comprehensive list in application form (Admission Requirements/Procedures).

Additional program requirement:

Standard First Aid Course certification – must be completed (at expense of student) prior to Term 2 – Clinical Placement.