RMT Application Information

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In order to apply for our RMT program, please follow the steps below:

  • Review Admission Requirements and Policy
  • Complete the Application Form: choose to complete this online or download a copy from our website. Follow the steps below as you complete your application, required documentation has been indicated below each section.
    • Please note that is you are completing the online application, all files can be uploaded at the end of the application process.
  • Register for an Introduction to Massage Workshop. This is required before starting the program.
  • Complete Standard 1st Aid with CPR level C (not occupational) before the end of semester 1. This can be taken through KCCIHS.

Application Form and Additional Documentation Required:

  1. Personal Information: complete these details on the application form, ensuring we have relevant details to contact you
  1. Education: list secondary and post-secondary schools and degrees directly on your application form


  • Provide official transcripts from high school and post-secondary education. Transcripts must be either sent directly from the intuition to KCCIHS or be enclosed in a sealed envelope from the institution and mailed/submitted by applicant.
  1. Letter of recommendation:


  • Two letters of recommendation are required from professionals with the following designations: teachers, principals, lawyers, doctors, massage therapists, pharmacists, law enforcement officer)
  • These should be sent directly to KCCIHS’s massage program (template included in Application form).
  1. Related training/ Transfer Students / Upgrading students: Write about previous training in the massage therapy field directly on your application form


  • Related training: Provide documentation supporting previous training in the massage field
  • Transfer students: Please include transcripts, curriculum, course descriptions and hours as well as course outlines for review.
  • Upgrading students: Upgrading students please include CMTBC’s CPLA documentation/results.
  • If you are a licensed practitioner, please provide your registration number and jurisdiction.
  1. Work experience:


  • Submit your current resume indicating volunteer and paid work
  1. Interests: Write a short paragraph on the application form indicating what other interests you have.
  1. Finances: Explain how you will finance yourself during this period on the application form. Indicate if you will be applying for a loan. Student Aid BC applications can be done online at https://studentaidbc.ca/.  You can complete your application online with the information provided on your Student Enrollment Contract.
  1. Personal Essay:


  • Upload your essay: In approx. 1000 words explain why you want to become a massage therapist. As a guide, you could discuss how you envision your future as a health practitioner, what your experience has been of massage therapy, what are your expectations of becoming a full-time student, what have you appreciated about visiting massage therapists in the past and your career plans after completion of the course.
  1. Criminal Record Check: Complete a criminal record check:


Access Code: B97KBCTESG

  1. Physician’s Certificate of Health:


  • Ask your physician to provide this (template included in Application form)


  • Complete all sections of application form
  • Complete introductory workshop or apply to complete this at KCCIHS
  • Pay the application fee of $150 along with submitting your application above
  • Request official transcripts from your secondary and post-secondary institutions you have attended. Transcripts must be either sent directly from the intuition to KCCIHS or be enclosed in a sealed envelope from the institution and mailed/submitted by applicant.
  • Ask two relevant contacts to send letters of recommendation directly to KCCIHS
  • Provide details of relevant training/ transfer information / upgrading information
  • Submit current resume
  • Upload personal essay
  • Complete criminal record check
  • Upload certificate of health

* The admission requirements cannot be waived by either the institution or the applicant.

Next Steps

  1. Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to arrange a Personal Interview. Interviews may be held in person, via Skype / Facetime, or by telephone.
  1. Acceptance and Enrollment. Once accepted into the program you will receive a welcome package which includes a student enrollment contract and which will outline the total costs and financial policies for the respective academic year. Once reviewed, an applicant signs the contract and submits to KCCIHS along with a tuition deposit of $500.
  1. Order Textbooks & Supplies. Once enrolled, you will receive a textbook list and optional order form as well as a supply list to review (and mark your uniform size, etc.). You will be required to submit this before classes commence.
  1. Embark on your path as an RMT!

*application form and document templates can be found in the Course Information and Information Package

Unless completing an online application, documents should be sent to:

KCCIHS Registered Massage Therapy Program
Suite 203, 2nd floor – 402 Baker Street
Nelson, BC
Canada V1L 4H8

Questions about the program? Contact us:

email: programmanager@kootenaycolumbiacollege.com

tel: 250-352-1362
toll free: 1-888-711-5266