Local Grads Make Taking Herbs a Snap!

One thing about having a Chinese Medicine school in such a lovely city is that some of the graduates never leave!
Two local grads have created a line of herbal tinctures based on  ‘ancient Chinese secrets’ and following traditional Chinese medicine formulas that make the taking of herbs a simple pleasure.

Snap! Botanicals was created by Jennifer Gawne and Savina Kelly, graduates of the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in beautiful Nelson, British Columbia.

After completing four years of study in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and working for several years in related fields, the dream of creating high quality organic herbal tinctures based on the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine was realized in 2008.

Snap! offers four different herbal formulas based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each herbal formula is created from quality organic raw herbs, obtained from recognized and reliable sources. The tinctures are created by extracting the properties of the herbs into an alcohol base, simplifying the traditional process usually required to use Chinese herbal formulas. This is a specifically chosen method to suit the lifestyle of western culture, without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of Traditional Chinese medicine. The formulas are highly concentrated and have a shelf life of up to two years.

The formulas these ladies have created are for common ailments like colds and flu, sleeplessness, high cholesterol and blood pressure, weight loss, cold sores and acne.  Snap’s! tinctures are available for purchase at the Academy’s Bookstore and Herbal Dispensary.

If the concept of herbal medicinal formulas appeals to you, but you find the formulas available don’t suit your needs, the Snap! girls can create a personalized herbal tincture just for you.

Jennifer Gawne is a licensed Traditional Chinese Herbalist by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of British Columbia and pleased to be the administrator at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences.

Savina Kelly is a licensed Acupuncturist by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of British Columbia.