Key Assets of the Academy: An Alumni Review

Over the last couple years we have been collecting information from our graduates on what they perceive to be the main assets of the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences and here is what they had to say:

Our Alumni consider the comprehensive Western and Chinese Medicine curriculum, the classical techniques taught, the locale of the school and the caliber of the instructors to be the main assets of the school.

Comprehensive Western and Chinese Medicine Curriculum

  • The paradigms of biomed and Chinese medicine are fully integrated at ACOS.
  • The modern and classic stand hand in hand.
  • Modern science and ancient wisdom compliment each other rather than conflict.
  • This school really brings the wisdom of China into the reality of the west, without compromising either.
  • The ACOS curriculum ensures more than just a passing grade on board exams.
  • ACOS instructors take what might be perceived as “mystical secrets of the Orient” and place them in the framework of an authentic and ‘working’ Oriental medical science.

Physical Environment mirrors philosophy of Chinese medicine- interconnection of nature with health-feeds Body, Mind and Spirit

  • The culture of Nelson, BC is a vibrant, open and unique community that celebrates all walks of life. Open hearts and minds thrive in Nelson, which makes it an ideal community to study whatever is your passion in life.
  • The values of the Kootenay region reflect and encourage alternative medicine where more and more individuals are seeking guidance and making wellness choices.
  • As well as studying Tai Chi and Qi gong as part of your schooling, there are excellent martial arts instructors who live here and pass through town to teach.
  • ACOS is supported by the famously vibrant and diverse Kootenay culture.

Learn to be the best Doctor – not just learn how to pass an exam- Learn to think like a Doctor

  • You could take a program that teaches you how to pass licensing exams, but the first time you encounter something you haven’t seen or memorized you will be at a loss. With an ACOS eduction you will have the tools to understand for yourself.
  • Quote from a student, “I didn’t know how good ACOS was until I met graduates from other schools.”