How Chinese Medicine Can Save Your Marriage

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chinese Medicine is a powerful art. Not only can Chinese medicinal herbs and acupuncture help you with many physical ailments such as arthritis, backache or insomnia, it is also highly effective in helping to solve personal issues such as the disintegration of a relationship. …Seriously.

At this point people usually laugh a little and then ask, “How is this possible?”

Chinese medicine and acupuncture will help restore your relationship and save your marriage by calming your mind and emotions, supporting the organic functioning of your body to aid digestion and reduce stress, and assisting you in being clear about yourself and your energetic patterns.

Chinese medicine has many tools to help calm the mind. Acupuncture assists in the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins that ease anxiety and help facilitate the smooth flow of qi (chee) energy to the brain so you can feel more relaxed and make more appropriate decisions or have a more peaceful response to emotional triggers.

Let your acupuncturist know about your emotional struggles so he or she can include acupoints in your treatment that calm the mind and ease the emotional burdens on your spirit and include points that clear stuck liver energy and drain angry feelings.

Acupoints, like those located between your eyebrows and directly on the top of your head, help to make you feel more emotionally clear and relaxed. Practice stimulating these points when you are feeling angry or tearful and notice if these emotions pass.

Herbal medicine, including formulas like Xiao Yao Wan, (The Happy Wanderer formula) will help to nourish the blood and release stuck emotions of frustration or anger. See your Chinese medicine herbalist for a formula that is right for you. You may be given herbs for sleep if your relationship issues are keeping you awake at night or herbs to support your emotional boundaries so you can stand strong in face of resentment or ‘other people’s issues’.

Qi gong and tai chi are beautiful exercise practices to de-stress and calm the mind. The gentle movements of tai chi take you out of your usual thought patterns and away from your immediate problems and help you to focus for a short time on your breath and the movements of your body.

Ideally, these exercises give you a short break from the burdens of your relationship problems. Practice taking a few moments to sit quietly and focus on a deep inhalation and then exhale fully imagining you are releasing all your troubles with your breath.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture further aid the resolution of relationship issues by supporting the function of your body in digesting food in order to supply your body with the nutrients it needs to operate smoothly and by helping to provide a peaceful sleep.

The better your nutrient supply is the less harm will be done by the emotions and stress you are feeling. Chinese medicine helps all the systems of the body to run more smoothly. The quality of your sleep and diet will have a direct impact on your emotions. You will feel calmer, kinder and more reasonable when your body is running well.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture have many tools to investigate the emotional make-up or constitution of a person. If you can become clearer on how your respond to certain issues you can see negative patterns in yourself and try to change them.

Negative emotions such as anger and resentment are thought to be a main cause of disease in Chinese medicine. By addressing your overall health with Chinese medicine and becoming more aware of yourself and your patterns, you will have the fortitude to respond differently to emotional triggers. Chinese medicine can be used for emotional therapy such as releasing held anger or old resentments.

You can also explore the Chinese zodiac and see what zodiac signs you and your partner are. Sometimes there are amazing clues hidden in this ancient science that help us understand why we react to certain people a certain way. You and your partner might be elemental opposites and therefore challenged from the start to mesh your energies.

If you know the energy of the universe is presenting challenges by two people being conflicting zodiac signs at least you will understand where some of the problems lie and be a bit gentler on each other.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture will help you become clear about your needs and inner desires. Perhaps, in the end, the relationship needs to be terminated for your best health (and probably your partner’s too). The relationship ending can then be seen as a positive step. It is always sad when a relationship or marriage ends but if it is in the best interest of those involved then it is a positive move and will help the flow of qi in all areas of your life. Along with exploring Chinese medicine in your search for marital bliss, seek out a marriage counselor to address some of the specific issues between you and your partner.

Best wishes for health, happiness and peace on the home front![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]