Letter from Elizabeth Nachtwey, Fall 2008

I am most grateful for my superb training at ACOS. The depth and breath of the curriculum is vast and all encompassing. To my knowledge, ACOS is one of the few schools that teach the Mandarin language. I found the opportunity to learn to read and write characters was a powerful way to learn the deeper meaning and usages of the points. Learning the point names in Mandarin greatly expands one’s understanding for point selection. The metaphors inherent in the point names enhance  mindfulness for the practitioner and the client.

The history class at ACOS was the most informative and interesting history class I’d ever experienced. Learning world history and the history of medicine through the lens of the Orient inspired my curiosity for the foundations of medicine. Reading the classics and learning meridians in Mandarin, while learning to read characters and discovering their meaning was a profound experience. Studying Taoist and Buddhist thought interwoven into the medicine provides ongoing support.

Another bonus at ACOS was the hours spent in observation of Dr. Fischer, Academic Dean. Being able to observe his treatments and techniques was a tremendous learning tool.

I feel the time is ripe for TCM to come into its full right. We understand the Newtonian paradigm is being replaced by the Quantum phase. Energetic medicine is now accepted as a given and is being integrated with standard care all over the world. I believe that the program at ACOS prepares practitioners to be ready for the challenge of this integration. The Tuina, Counseling, Ethics, Orthopedics and Western Medicine classes support the students understanding of soft tissue injuries and the terminology to enable conversations and working relationships with local physiotherapists, massage therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, trainers etc.

I believe superior health care is possible for people when we support the integration of ancient wisdom and modern, mainstream, health care. Thanks again, there is no place as good as ACOS!!