Chinese New Year in the Year of the Earth Ox

This article was printed in the Nelson Daily News in January, 2009.

Dear Academy, Tell me about Chinese New Year and how it will affect me in 2009?
Sincerely, Curious about Chinese Horoscopes, Winlaw, BC

Dear Curious about Chinese Horoscopes:

Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first day of the first Chinese lunar month in the Chinese Lunar calendar. The date for Chinese New Year changes annually with the position of the stars and moon. This year, the 4706th Chinese New Year, will be celebrated on January 26 and will be the year of the Earth Ox. According to legend, Buddha threw a party for all the animals of creation and twelve showed up. Buddha honored his guests by naming a year in the zodiac after them and ascribing the natures and virtues of that animal to the year in question. The first new year started with the Rat and has rotated through the twelve zodiac animals ever since.

According to the website Online Chinese Astrology this year of the Ox signifies new beginnings. The previous year of the Rat was about dramatic change whereas the year of the ox should bring changes associated with building and planning for the future and with slow but sure action. Humans are invited to make good choices in this year as what starts now will have long consequences and affect the future.

The element associated with this year is Earth. This makes this year a yin year rather than a yang year therefore it should be a year with less tumultuous change and a little less excitement. Best results for health and harmony in this year will be found by going steadily forward and reacting with caution. Go with the flow rather than moving forward aggressively on plans or projects. This celestial combination brings energy of durability and pragmatism. This is a year when things will get done.

Focus on your projects or goals at hand and be careful to not overextend yourself. Avoid unnecessary risks and resist temptation for short term gain. This year may feel like a challenge to generate enthusiasm or the motivation to act but what does get done will result in lasting accomplishments.

To find out your individual Chinese Zodiac signs check out the many web sites on this matter or check at the ACOS Bookstore. Below is a quick summary of the year ahead for all twelve zodiac signs.

Rat – there is a lot of momentum going into this year for people born in the year of the rat. Don’t over extend yourself and practice self discipline. Careful planning and applied effort govern this year for rats.

Ox – people born in the year of the ox will do well through steady progress. There is potential for this to be a year of great joy. Be open to advice of others as you tend to keep things to yourself.

Tiger – This year will be challenging for tigers. Keep a steady, well disciplined pace. This year benefits the tiger by laying a strong foundation for years to come. Be resourceful and rely on your boldness.

Rabbit – This is a year of relief for those born in the year of the rabbit. There is a favorable outlook for this year. Be assertive and bold and you will achieve unforeseen success. Your attraction to finer things in life may lead to you living it!

Dragon – This year may hinder Dragon’s independent spirit. There will be gains but you must adapt using different strategies than your usual style.

Snake – This year will be incredibly favorable with more opportunities and achievements than you imagined. Wisdom and patience will be your tools for success. This is a year of action and planning.

Horse – This will be a challenging year for those born in the year of the horse. Be patient and you will see the results of hard work. Be aware of your energy levels which tend to swing with highs and lows of success. Pursue healthy activities and projects that keep you active.

Sheep – This may not be the favorable year you desire but don’t give up. Keep a steady focus on your goals and get ready to reap the rewards in 2010. Don’t fret about challenges, you are learning about yourself in the process and you are more resourceful than you think.

Monkey – This will be a year to showcase your talents. You may get stretched in many different directions so it is important to stay focused on your goals.

Rooster – This will be an outstanding year for those born in the year of the rooster. This is the kind of year you have been waiting for! Use this positive year well.

Dog – This will be a year of challenges but stay positive and there will be opportunities for advancement. You will find comfort with family and solidify bonds necessary for your well being.

Pig – There are many opportunities to shine this year. Your generous nature is apparent in all aspects of your life. This is a quality people respect and will help you in your life. Enjoy all the people who love you and be careful to not overextend yourself.

Remember, whatever the energetics of the year suggest, for better or worse, you are the final master of your own fate! May you have a healthy and happy new year!

by Jennifer Gawne