Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kootenay Columbia College of Integrative Health Sciences currently offers four diploma programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and an introductory distance learning course. These are:

  • 5-year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Program – 4,185 hours (completed within 4 1/2 years)
  • 4-year Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Program – 3,465 hours
  • 3-Year Acupuncturist Program – 2,445 hours
  • 3-year Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist Program – 2,520 hours per the 2019 course synopsis
  • Online course – Introduction to Chinese Herbology – 15 hours

With a written history of over 2500 years, Chinese medicine encompasses a truly vast field of knowledge. Those individuals who choose to study Chinese medicine will find that their study will last an entire lifetime and, even then, seems not yet fully complete.

The Chinese medicine program of study has been designed, to as large a degree as possible, to match similar programs of study at Chinese medicine universities in the People’s Republic of China. These PRC university programs are generally 5 or 6 years in length and extremely comprehensive, encompassing not only all modalities of Chinese medicine: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, tui-na massage, qi-gong therapy, diet therapy, but also related Western medicine topics.

In tailoring such programs to suit the North American post-secondary education system, a major obstacle has obviously been condensing a large amount of teaching into an appropriate program length. In remaining true to our commitment to the fidelity of Chinese medicine in its tradition, KCCIHS determined that in order to maintain a program length equivalent to other North American colleges of Chinese medicine, it was necessary to include a total number of teaching hours far in excess of those offered at most of these North American schools.

We feel it is a grave error to compromise the tradition of Chinese medicine in the name of economy: either financial economy or economy of effort. Our program is comprehensive, rigorous and challenging. Our goal is to produce TCM doctors of worth. As such, we require the student who not only seeks excellence, but also is serious, committed and diligent.


  • To present comprehensive three, four and five year programs that encompass the five modalities of traditional Chinese medicine, including the requisite Western Biomedical Sciences as well as other required subjects.
  • To assist students in attaining an understanding of the principles of Chinese medicine and see the function of the paradigm in everyday life.
  • To prepare students to meet all of the qualifying examinations and regulations concerning acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, as such regulations and licensing come into force.
  • To prepare students to become responsible health care providers and able practitioners.
  • To offer a curriculum that meets or exceeds all academic and clinical requirements, as required by the profession’s regulating bodies

The KCCIHS Difference

At KCCIHS we believe that the aim of TCM studies is not simply to be a well-rounded TCM doctor, but a healer; one who assists in making whole. TCM provides the framework for our holistic approach to developing the highest caliber healers.

  • TCM is an ancient medicine.

  • TCM is a self-reflective medicine.

  • TCM is practical medicine.

  • TCM is traditional medicine.

  • TCM is natural medicine.

TCM Practitioner Program

W​hy study Chinese medicine and Acupuncture at KCCIHS?

  • Study at an accredited, well-established school of Chinese medicine
  • Study at a school that offers a comprehensive and in depth curriculum taught by passionate instructors
  • Study where graduates are consistently successful in passing their licensing exams in British Columbia, Ontario, and the United States
  • Study with passionate and dedicated fellow students from around the world – past students have hailed from across Canada, and countries including Mexico, Argentina, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Norway and Japan.

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