ACOS Students Massage Their Elders

The community of Nelson is a great supporter of the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences so it feels right to have our students contribute back to the health and well being of our community.

For the last few weeks our third year Chinese medicine students have been visiting the elders who live in the Mountain Lakes Seniors Community and offering Tui Na massage to these residents.

The students have enjoyed the opportunity to ‘bust out’ of the school and practice their massage skills on ‘real people’. The feedback we have received from the residents of the senior’s community has been overwhelmingly positive. Many seniors living in care centers miss out on the opportunity for human touch and greatly appreciate the warmth and relaxation of a gentle massage. Massage helps promote blood circulation for those elders in a bed or wheel-chair bound, helps ease the pain of certain chronic conditions and helps limber up stiff joints.

The students benefit from interacting with an older generation and sharpening their diagnostic skills by having the opportunity to feel pulses and observe the changes in the overall health of these elder individuals.

Second year ACOS students will return to the senior’s community in March and April to share the Qi and ‘pay forward’ community support. We are also looking for young children (5 and under) to be part of an infant and children’s massage class to be held in April. If you are interested in having your child be part of this pediatric massage class please contact Regula at 250-352-5887.