ACOS 5th Year Student Creates Qigong Video for Thesis Project

We have very talented and creative students here at the Academy and this talent is highlighted each year when graduating students hand in their Thesis projects.

These projects are the culmination of the students studies at ACOS and one of the only times students get to dive into a subject matter that inspires them personally. We have had Bronze models cast, art created, interesting papers written and finally a video as part of a thesis project.

Aram Masee, a student in his 5th and final year at ACOS created a lovely video project outlining several Qi gong forms, the 8 Pieces of Brocade, Big Regulation and Turtle breathing specifically.

All students take Qi gong as part of their training here at the school but some students get really into it and plan to use these exercises with patients in a clinical setting.

Aram’s video series is too large to load onto this blog  but here is a sneek peak at one piece.

Aram Masee Demonstrates the Turtle Breath Qi gong form

There are many websites that discuss longevity breathing. Here is some background information on Turtle Breathing:

China is a nation that historically has revered their elderly and their accumulated wisdom.  Consequently, the Taoists were greatly concerned with promoting longevity and became renowned for their longevity practices. An essential component of their most successful longevity techniques is “turtle breathing,” which is an eight-minute breath.

Giant turtles are known to live for hundreds of years. They commonly submerge themselves in the water and hold their breath for more than five minutes at a time.

One breathing aspect of Taoist breathing is aiming to generate a  five- to eight-minute breaths. This practice is  unsurpassed in its ability to transform and maintain the vitality of youth as the body and mind age.