TCM Acupuncture in Rossland – JOB OPPORTUNITY

madhufinalMy name is Clare Kearney, I am an RMT and co-founder of the newly formed Madhu Wellness Collective in Rossland, BC.  We are a small studio and treatment room that holds space for big movements, creativity, healing, expression and growth.  We currently have lots of Yoga, Ta Chi, Meditation practices, dance, choir, tones of workshops, and a plethora of great teachers/facilitators and practitioners in the collective.  Our practitioner list is growing however, we are still missing a much required Acupuncturist.
We can offer 1-3 days subcontracted work.  We have a great referral system set up being an RMT myself and working closely with local health practitioners in town, also, Rossland has no current acupuncturist and so we see no problem filling these days.
There is a 70/30 split practitioner/collective for the first three months with an option to pay a flat rent fee after this trial period.  This is a very unique and exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to work in a place where the collective share a great value for life, health and community.
As a collective we ask that all our contributors are self responsible for taking registration/payments, however all other administration is covered including our online booking system, advertisements, and promotions.  There is an option for laundry to be included for a small fee, table and essentials included.  During the same day’s work there are optional yoga classes that we welcome our practitioners to join free of charge.
If you are interested in this unique position please call Clare 250 532 2809 or email
We look forward to hearing from you!
Madhu Wellness Collective

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