RMT: Application Information


In order to apply for our RMT program, please follow the steps below:

  • Review Admission Requirements and Policy
  • Complete the Application Form: choose to complete this online or download a copy from our website. Follow the steps below as you complete your application, required documentation has been indicated below each section.
    • Please note that is you are completing the online application, all files can be uploaded at the end of the application process.
  • Register for an Introduction to Massage Workshop. This is required before starting the program.
  • Complete Standard 1st Aid with CPR level C (not occupational) before the end of semester 1. This can be taken through KCCIHS. The next course is 25th-26th November 2018.

Application Form and Additional Documentation Required:

  1. Personal Information: complete these details on the application form, ensuring we have relevant details to contact you
  1. Education: list secondary and post-secondary schools and degrees directly on your application form


  • Provide official transcripts from high school and post-secondary education. Transcripts must be either sent directly from the intuition to KCCIHS or be enclosed in a sealed envelope from the institution and mailed/submitted by applicant.
  1. Letter of recommendation:


  • Two letters of recommendation are required from professionals with the following designations: teachers, principals, lawyers, doctors, massage therapists, pharmacists, law enforcement officer)
  • These should be sent directly to KCCIHS’s Kootenay massage program (template included in Application form).
  1. Related training/ Transfer Students / Upgrading students: Write about previous training in the massage therapy field directly on your application form


  • Related training: Provide documentation supporting previous training in the massage field
  • Transfer students: Please include transcripts, curriculum, course descriptions and hours as well as course outlines for review.
  • Upgrading students: Upgrading students please include CMTBC’s CPLA documentation/results.
  • If you are a licensed practitioner, please provide your registration number and jurisdiction.
  1. Work experience:


  • Submit your current resume indicating volunteer and paid work
  1. Interests: Write a short paragraph on the application form indicating what other interests you have.
  1. Finances: Explain how you will finance yourself during this period on the application form. Indicate if you will be applying for a loan. Student Aid BC applications can be done online at https://studentaidbc.ca/.  You can complete your application online with the information provided on your Student Enrolment Contract.
  1. Personal Essay:


  • Upload your essay: In approx. 1000 words explain why you want to become a massage therapist. As a guide, you could discuss how you envision your future as a health practitioner, what your experience has been of massage therapy, what are your expectations of becoming a full-time student, what have you appreciated about visiting massage therapists in the past and your career plans after completion of the course.
  1. Criminal Record Check: Complete a criminal record check:


Access Code: B97KBCTESG


  1. Physician’s Certificate of Health:


  • Ask your physician to provide this (template included in Application form)



  • Complete all sections of application form
  • Complete introductory workshop or send application form to complete this at KCCIHS
  • Pay the application fee of $150 along with submitting your application above
  • Request official transcripts from your secondary and post-secondary institutions you have attended. Transcripts must be either sent directly from the intuition to KCCIHS or be enclosed in a sealed envelope from the institution and mailed/submitted by applicant.
  • Ask two relevant contacts to send letters of recommendation directly to KCCIHS
  • Provide details of relevant training/ transfer information / upgrading information
  • Submit current resume
  • Upload personal essay
  • Complete criminal record check
  • Upload certificate of health

* The admission requirements cannot be waived by either the institution or the applicant.


Next Steps

  1. Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to arrange a Personal Interview. Interviews may be held in person, via Skype / Facetime, or by telephone.
  1. Acceptance and Enrollment. Once accepted into the program you will receive a welcome package which includes a student enrollment contract which will outline the total costs and financial policies for the respective academic year. Once reviewed, an applicant signs the contract and submits to KCCIHS along with a tuition deposit of $500.
  1. Order Textbooks & Supplies. Once enrolled, you will receive a textbook order form as well as a supply list to review (and mark your uniform size, etc.) and submit before classes commence.
  1. Embark on your path as an RMT!

*application form and document templates can be found in the Course Information and Application Package


Unless completing an online application, documents should be sent to:

Kootenay Columbia Registered Massage Therapy Program
Suite 203, 2nd floor – 402 Baker Street
Nelson, BC
Canada V1L 4H8

Questions? Contact us:

email: registrar@kootenaycolumbiacollege.com

tel: 250-352-1362
toll free: 1-888-711-5266