Programs of Study

The Kootenay Columbia College of Integrative Health Sciences (KCCIHS) is located in the heart of the Kootenay Columbia region of BC , Canada.  Offering courses in Traditional Chinese MedicineMassage Therapy, and soon to deliver a Holistic Nutrition Program, it is the only institution of its kind in the area.

At KCCIHS, though our programs are distinct, they demonstrate a multi-disciplinary approach to health and healthcare. Students enrolled in different programs can benefit from exposure to guest lectures,  informal discussion, shared classes in professional development, research, business practice, and  treatments  from faculty and students enrolled in complementary disciplines. This type of education reflects the modern popularity of multi-disciplinary clinics  and creates practitioners who have a natural awareness and understanding of other disciplines.

For over 20 years the college has operated as ACOS, with its specific focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine. This past year has seen the college expand to include  a Registered Massage Therapy Program. KCCIHS will continue to diversify its health education offerings over the next few years.