TCM Outpatient Clinic

Patient’s are treated by licensed Doctors and Practitioners of TCM in our Outpatient Clinic.

The clinic is home to Joanne Sinclaire, R.TCMP, Koji Kataoka, R. TCMP, Daniel Hensgbach R.TCMP and Michael Smith, Dr. TCM,all of whom are featured on the faculty page

In September 2017, Xian Yi Hu, who comes from a long lineage of TCM doctors and has over 40 years of clinical practice, will also be available for appointments.

Patients at the KCCIHS Outpatient Clinic may expect to have students observing their treatment, though they may specify if they prefer not to.

Please contact the clinic directly for the practitioners’ clinic openings and rate structures.

KCCIHS ACOS Outpatient Clinic
Nelson Trading Company Building,
402 Baker St (behind Full Circle Cafe)
Local: 250-354-1995